Live Green Smoothie Basics: Greens, Fruit, & Water:

I’m currently obsessed with making living green smoothies! Throw a little romain, celery, cucumber, dandelion, kale, parsley, cilantro, ginger, lemon, apple into a vitamix with some ice and enjoy!

There are “green smoothies” and then there are “live green smoothies“.

I could make a green smoothie out of some milk, a frozen banana, and a couple tablespoons of powdered greens (such as spirulina or barley greens), and while that would be a far more nutritious drink than a McDonald’s shake or a can of Diet Coke, it wouldn’t be a Live Green Smoothie. Live Green Smoothies are made only with “live” greens.

I’m not knocking powdered greens. There are some excellent products out there, and they have their place. Anybody can benefit nutritionally by adding a quality powdered green to their diet, and if you are vegetarian or vegan, or shooting for being very “high-raw” or 100% raw vegan, an excellent powdered green may be a valuable component of your diet.

But I have never, ever felt the same way in my body with a smoothie made with that powder as I do with smoothies made from humble parsley, fresh kale, baby spinach, or home-grown sprouts.

In my view, powdered greens — no matter how expensive they were — should be relegated to “convenient backup” or “serious nutritional support” rather than the primary agent of nutrition in one’s daily diet.

So What’s a “Live” Green… and Why Should I Care?

A “live” green is a green leafy vegetable that is still living, that hasn’t had the life cooked or dried out of it. Live greens still possess their living enzymes, the magical components that give all living things their viable life force.

In addition, green foods as a group are the most nutrient-rich foods on the planet. They are low-calorie, low-sugar, and low-fat, while at the same time high in minerals, vitamins, and the natural elements your body requires to run smoothly, without dis-ease.

The closer that live greens are to their original growing state, the more jam-packed with life-force, vitality, and nutrition they are. So, for example, greens tumbled out of a plastic container from your grocer’s produce section are simply not equal to greens you’ve cut from your garden, or from a pot growing on your windowsill.